Integrated Supply Chain Execution SaaS +Industrial Digitalization Solution To Achieve End-to-End Collaboration and Visualization

Deep Insights Technology, combining Quantum's integrated supply chain execution SaaS with Gillion's shipping and freight forwarding industry solutions, connects the whole supply chain, insight into the new value of supply chain data, and take advantage of AI to enable customers achieve further efficiency and cost optimization.

  • Supply Chain Execution SaaS

    Supply Chain Execution SaaS

    Power SCM Cloud Supply Chain Execution SaaS Build a transparent digital supply chain network

    1. Flexible configuration capability to meet different requirements
    2. Integrated platform without data isolation
    3. SaaS mode brings you higher ROI
  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Provide intelligent shipping and freight forwarding management platform

    1. Realize ship and shore data integration
    2. Full coverage of operation, ship management and finance
    3. Order driven freight management scheme
    4. Meet the needs of organizations at all levels of the group
  • Supply Chain Visualization Platform

    Supply Chain Visualization Platform

    Realize the whole life cycle visualization and workflow automation of the supply chain through WaliData service and Power Data Viewer

    1. Provide real-time dynamic data
    2. Covering global logistics flow
    3. Monitoring and exception alert of order execution
  • Supply Chain Optimization AI Cloud

    Supply Chain Optimization AI Cloud

    Quantum's optimization algorithm team developed and implemented AI products and services in supply chain scenarios such as routing optimization, loading optimization, inventory and network optimization.

    1. Advanced solver supports complex constraints and objective functions
    2. Complete with one click, and output results efficiently

Why Choose Deep Insights Technology

  • Leading SaaS Provider

    Leading SaaS Provider

    • Innovatively launched the supply chain execution cloud platform in China
    • TMS SaaS is now the first choice of China's medium and large customers
    • Flexible mode: advanced service architecture, supporting public/private deployment
  • Integrated Platform

    Integrated Platform

    • Integration of warehouse and transportation: integrating OWTA eliminating information isolation
    • Integration of software and hardware: drive various automatic intelligent devices through IoT
  • One Stop Service

    One Stop Service

    • Multi-role: meet the needs of all roles in the supply chain
    • Multi-mode: sea, land and air, domestic and abroad, realizing the whole process visualization
  • 3rd Party Acknowledgement

    Third party

    • Nominated as 'notable vendor by Gartner in TMS MQ APAC Context since 2018
    • Invested by Hidderhill Capital in 2022

Provide digital supply chain transformation services
for many of Fortune 500 enterprises and industry leaders

Deep Insights Technology - Link the Whole Supply Chain

Deep Insights Technology helps world's top 500 and industry leading enterprises to connect the whole supply chain and achieve end-to-end collaboration and visualization

Our team has many experts who have been deeply involved in the supply chain for more than 20 years With rich project experience in manufacturing, retail and logistics industries

Our vision:
Use digital intelligent technology to continuously create value for customers and make the supply chain more efficient and insightful.