WaliData Visualization Platform

Easily access to multi-mode transportation data and get insights into your order movements globally

  • Forecast of estimated arrival time

    Combined with powerful Al, provide more accurate ETA leveraging real-time data acquired by GPS, ELD, remote telecom network, mobile equipment and so on.

  • Order tracking and visualization

    Link every transportation modal to realize global end-to-end tracking.

  • Actively manage exceptions

    Easy to use notifications and alerts help you keep relevant people always informed

Deep Insights Power Data Viewer

Let data go beyond numbers to help enterprises master business dynamics in real time

  • Power Data Viewer

    Professional big data visualization tools create your own supply chain dashboard.

    Power Data Viewer
  • Event Management

    Event Management

    Get the status of the supply chain in real time and give an early warning through email, SMS, WeChat and other channels

  • BI and Data Analysis

    Based on your internal and external logistics data, Power SCM provides various supply chain related KPIs and other dashboards based on big data analysis tools

    BI and Data Analysis
  • AI Optimization Services

    AI Optimization Services

    Transportation routing optimization
    Loading optimization service
    Demand forecast optimization service
    Inventory and network optimization

Four reasons to choose our supply chain visualization platform

  • Real time results
    Real time results
    Business and technical experts will support you throughout the process to get quick ROI
  • Seamless integration
    Seamless integration
    Seamlessly integrated with the supply chain execution cloud platform Power SCM Cloud to provide you with true end-to-end visual and predictive analysis
  • Global Network
    Global Network
    Get more accurate data and better insight into the value of data by linking various reliable data platforms around the world
  • Continuous innovation
    Continuous innovation
    Self-design, continuous innovation, considering both global and local requirements.